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Find the Best Hiking Trails in Frederick

With summer upon us, getting outside is something that most of us enjoy to release some energy. It is always a nice feeling being refreshed after going outside, but if the walk around the neighborhood is not cutting it, going on a hike might! Here are six, easy to moderate hiking trails around the Frederick area that will get you out of the house and hitting the trails. 

White Oak Trail

This is the shortest trail of the bunch at 1 mile, but also is one of the closest to Prospect Hall Apartments. This relaxing loop is perfect for people of all ages and has wildflowers that you can admire along the path!
Difficulty Level: Easy

Rocky Stream Bed Trail Loop

This is the second-longest trail at 1.3 miles and is in the Frederick Municipal Forest. It parallels a stream and features a beautiful waterfall.
Difficulty Level: Easy

Brooks Hill Loop Trail

This 2-mile loop is located in Monocacy National Battlefield. There is a variety of habitats along the way and offers the chance to see some wildlife!
Difficulty Level: Easy

Green Ash Trail

This is 2.2-mile trail is set in a beautiful forest setting and is accessible all-year-round. It is a little rocky in parts but offers great shade when the sun is shining.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Black Locust Trail

This 2.6-mile trail is family-friendly and has scenic overlooks for everyone to enjoy the view. The greenery along the route is beautiful and includes tulips, poplars, and lots of mountain laurel.
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Ballenger Creek Trail

Rounding out our list is the longest of the trails at 4.1 miles. It features a river to walk along and has a nicely paved path making it perfect for bikers.
Difficulty Level: Easy

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