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How Much Space Do I Need When Getting an Apartment?

Rulers zig-zagging on a wooden surfaceTypically apartments are priced by square footage, so figuring out what’s right for you will help your budget. Read on to pick the perfect apartment!

Figure Out What You Need Space For
One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is what you want to get out of your space. Ask yourself a few questions, like are you going to be living alone or with someone? Do you plan on living with someone else in the future? 
If you’re going to be living by yourself and not have a lot of guests over, you should be okay with just one bedroom.  An apartment of about 1,000 square feet or less is likely an ideal size to help you save money.
If you have pets, live with one or more people, or frequently have overnight guests, a two or three-bedroom apartment will be your best choice. Apartments about 1,100-1,200 square feet or more often provide enough space for multiple people. Consider that if you’re working from home a larger two or three-bedroom apartment is likely your best bet so one room can be designated as a workspace.
Lastly, how much stuff do you have? You're going to need room for a lot of it unless you want to rent a storage unit each month or declutter and reduce the number of items you have. 

How to Measure Square Footage
It's important to know the square footage of your apartment because this will help give you an idea of how big of an apartment you'll need. A square foot is a square that measures twelve inches on each side. For reference, most of the tiles in your kitchen are probably about one square foot. 
There are actually a few different ways to measure an apartment for square footage as well. Some of the measurements only account for how much livable space is in the apartment, like the living room, bedroom, and bathroom. If the square footage total includes non-livable space, this will include the storage, closets, and possibly garage. Ask your potential landlord or management company if they have calculations for both total and livable space so you can plan your storage solutions, furniture, and layouts accordingly before moving in.
Consider the Layout Too
While the square footage is important, you should also factor in the layout of the apartment. While a 1,200-square foot apartment might be okay for you, if the layout doesn't work, you may feel cramped. If you are going to get a one-bedroom or studio apartment, try and find one that has an open concept so it feels bigger. If you're going to be sharing an apartment, you might want to find a floor plan that is split, so that your bedrooms aren't right next to each other. 

Map it Out
If you've seen the layout and the square footage, you can start mapping it out to see if it's the right size for you. You should start by measuring all your furniture and then writing down the measurements. Then, sketch out the dimensions of each room and start playing around with arranging your furniture in there.

Ask to Tour It
Tour the floorplan of the apartments you're most interested in. Although the exact apartment you’ll be renting may not be available to tour, you can often tour a model apartment or another vacant apartment of the same or similar layout. Most apartment communities showcase their floorplans online or will offer to send you a digital version by email. This is a great tool to reference and compare various layouts.

Consider Your Budget
You're going to be paying for your entire apartment, so don't apply for a two-bedroom apartment if you're only going to use one of the bedrooms. The cost of your utilities will also depend in part on the size of your apartment. Be sure to consider what you can afford for utilities each month before committing to a larger apartment.

Learn More About How Much Space You Need for Your Apartment
We know that searching for apartments can be overwhelming and exhausting, but that's why we're here to help you. Our team of expert leasing consultants can help you find the perfect size apartment for your lifestyle.
If you're interested in touring or viewing our apartments, make sure that you contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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