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National Good Neighbor Day: Top 10 Ways You Can Be a Good Neighbor Today

National Good Neighbor Day: Paper Cutout of Neighbors Shaking HandsGetting along with your neighbors can make your community a happier place to live and to live in a good community, you have to be a good neighbor. Neighbors do not have to be your best friend, but it is nice to have some sort of relationship with, in case you need an egg or borrow a baking pan. Creating a positive and consistent relationship with your neighbor is going to make living in your community that much better. Here are 10 easy ways for you to be a good neighbor today.

Be Welcoming

Moving into a new neighborhood can be stressful. A new place with new people and not knowing what the neighborhood will be like is stressful. Everyone knows what this feels like so take the stress of your new neighbors by going to say “hello”. A simple introduction will make them feel welcome and more comfortable.

Strike Up a Conversation

Do not be afraid to say hello! Good relationships can only be maintained through communication. Whether it is a quick, passing conversation when you see them at the mailbox or a small get together on a Friday night, staying in consistent contact will making living near them much better.

Be Respectful and Considerate

Be respectful and considerate if you are having a large get-together or a small party. Remind your guests not to park in front of your neighbor’s driveways and only park on one side of your street. It is not enjoyable to have blasting music in your backyard when they are trying to relax or go to sleep, so keep any noise level at a minimum. Giving your neighbors a heads-up that people will be coming could be beneficial to you and them as well!

Take Care of Your Lawn and Garden

Keep your lawn and garden mowed and tidy. No one wants to see a jungle of branches and overgrown grass at the house next to them. Try to clean up any toys and items in the front yard to keep organized. By mowing your yard regularly and having a well-kept yard, this will keep your neighbors happy. 

Be Responsible with Your Pets

Follow the local laws of having pets in your neighborhood. Make sure that they are vaccinated, licensed, and on a leash when you walk them. If they do their business in your neighbor’s yard, remember to pick it up and dispose of it properly. 

Be Responsible with Trash 

No one likes a mess. Make sure to keep your property clean by being responsible about where and how you manage your trash. Be sure to take note of when and how your trash is to be disposed of and to do so properly.

Respect Boundaries and Abide by the Rules

Whether it is trash, recycling, or parking permits, abide by the rules of the community. However, balance is important, so do not be to nosey and watch them vicariously. Respect property lines and no matter how close you might to your neighbors, it is important to have some space. Everyone should be comfortable in their own home and on their own property.

Offer Help 

A home can be a lot to maintain. It can often be difficult and expensive work to do so. Make sure you let your neighbors know that you are willing to help whenever or however you can. This will help with your relationships with your neighbors, and in turn, result in them being more willing to help you should you ever need it.

Have a Party

A great way to make a lasting relationship with your neighbors is to get everyone together for a party or barbeque. It does not have to be too fancy or expensive, and you neighbors will likely bring food, drinks, and whatever else you might need. A good neighborhood party will be appreciated by all who attend.

Handle Conflict Responsibly  

Sometimes, conflict with your neighbor can be unavoidable. Should this be the case, make sure you take the time to think over what you need to talk to your neighbor about and ensure it is something that needs to be brought up. Also, make sure you go over with a level head. You will likely be dealing with your neighbors for some time. Starting a feud with someone who lives right next door should definitely be avoided.


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