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Renting 101: How to Prepare Your Apartment for Cooler Weather

Fall HomeThe average winter temperature in Maryland is 34.1 degrees. Nothing is worse than sitting in your apartment, shivering. The time to address and prevent this is before winter when temperatures are still warm. 

That way, there's plenty of time for you to prepare your apartment. When winter arrives, you'll be able to sit back and welcome it, knowing that your apartment is ready.  

This guide will show you how to prepare for winter so you can snuggle into your apartment and feel warm and happy. 

How to Prepare for Winter

Preparing your home for winter when you live in an apartment is less about changing your home's physical structure and more about adjusting your creature comforts. While you want to look for improvements to the building, you'll need to communicate these to the landlord and let them handle it

Tasks to Leave for Your Landlord 

Check the windows for drafts and confirm that they close completely to seal out the cold air. If there are drafts, your landlord will need to have them sealed or even replace the windows. 

Look for holes or cracks in the walls, floors, and ceilings. These are the perfect places for rodents and bugs to come in to escape the cold. Your landlord can seal these to prevent you from spending your winter with creepy crawlies. 

Check your heating system to confirm that it's working. Doing this early will give your landlord more time to have it serviced. It will also ensure that it's ready when the temperatures drop. 

Tasks You Can Do 

Start by changing out your bedding from your lightweight cotton summer sheets to thicker flannel sheets. Then consider adding indoor plants to your rooms.

Winter can be depressing for some with the reduced sunlight and lack of green outside. Adding indoor plants improves your indoor decor, reminds you of warmer seasons, and helps freshen the air. 

Speaking of fresh air, reverse your ceiling fans. There should be a small switch on the side of your fan that changes the direction your fan spins. this will pull the cool air up and push the warm air down, helping the room feel warmer. 

If you find your skin feeling rough and dry or your congestion and allergies flaring up, then consider using a humidifier. Cold air holds less moisture, so you can relieve these common winter symptoms by having a humidifier in your apartment. 

Finally, look for ways you can add warmth to your apartment. While you could run the heating system, this can get expensive. Instead, you could add a plush rug to the floor, thick throw blankets to the couch and chairs, and insulated curtains on the windows. 

Prepare Your Home for Winter

As you can see, several checks may result in you submitting a maintenance request to your landlord. This makes it necessary to know how to prepare for winter early. That way, your landlord has the most time possible to address the issues. 

While you let your landlord handle the building preparations, there are several things you can do to make your apartment more enjoyable. This will create a warm and inviting space.

Instead of preparing your current apartment for winter, consider a change and find your dream apartment today

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