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Top 10 Tips for Saving Energy During the Fall in Your Apartment

$100 bills fanned out with a torn piece of paper overlaying that says As the cooler weather (finally) begins to move into Maryland, many of us will be cranking up our thermostats – and also, unfortunately, our energy bills. However, there are many ways to stay warm and cozy through the spring while saving money on your utilities. We’ve done some research and compiled our top 10 energy savings tips here that can reduce your utility bills while keeping the chill away.

1. Lower the Temperature at Night

Dropping your thermostat down 65 degrees during the evening hours not only will help improve your utility bill, but will also improve your sleep. According to Inside Tracker, ideal sleeping conditions are 65 degrees Fahrenheit with 30-50% humidity. And, according to, this can save you as much as 10% per year on heating and cooling.

2. Don’t Let Your Outlets Become Inlets

Outlets on external walls can let cool air into your apartment. Feel outlets on exterior walls on a cold day to see if they feel cool or drafty. If so, it’s easy and inexpensive to fix. Simply purchase child proofing outlet plugs and install them into the drafty outlets to keep the cold air out.

3. Let it Flow

Check your furniture arrangement to ensure nothing is blocking air returns or vents. Our community was designed to allow for optimal air flow when these are not blocked. Try a new furniture layout that will allow air to move freely and efficiently throughout your home – and you may even find a new look you love! Need inspiration? Check out this blog from about how to properly place your furniture.

4. Use Cold Water

We don’t mean for you to start taking cold showers, but your clothes can handle the drop in temperature. Washing your clothes in cold water saves on energy costs and, many times, will also lengthen the life of your clothes. Check the tags on your clothing and wash anything you can in the cold cycle. cites that hot water can account for up to 90% of the energy your washing machine uses. 

5. Check Your Air Filter

Make sure your air filter is changed at least each season. Our team is happy to provide and install a fresh air filter for you if it’s gotten a little congested. A clean air filter helps to keep fall allergens out of your apartment and bring fresh air in freely.

6. Insulate Your Floors

Wood, vinyl, and tile floors are beautiful, but can easily cool your home. Adding area rugs in these areas will help insulate your apartment and keep warm air inside, and also keep your neighbors happy by dampening noises!

7. Upgrade Your Lighting

New LED light bulbs not only save a ton of energy, but also last much longer meaning you won’t be left in the dark very often. Most local grocery and home improvement stores carry a wide variety of bulbs that will fit your fixtures – and there are some really fun options if you want to add some mood lighting. Lights like the Philips Hue allow you to dim and change the color of your lighting using a smart app.

8. Find Rewards with Your Utility Company

Some utility companies offer a rewards program for saving energy during energy savings days or by enrolling in an incentives program. By turning down your thermostat on certain days or, in the case of the ongoing incentives program, allowing your connected thermostat to be automatically adjusted within a 4-degree range during times of demand, you’ll receive bill adjustments or account credits that can really add up!

9. Check for Vampires…

…and not just on Halloween.  Vampire appliances are those that use energy without you even knowing!  Phone chargers, power strips, small appliances, and other electronics often use energy while not in use. Unplugging things when you’re done using these is a simple way to avoid an energy (and money) suck from your devices.

10. Keep the Weather Out

Check that weatherstripping is in good condition around your windows and doors. If you notice any cracked or damaged weather stripping contact our maintenance team and we’ll be happy to install fresh weatherstripping for you.  

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