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How to Find a Pet-Friendly Apartment

When living in an apartment with your furry friend, there are lots of things to consider to ensure that you and they are as comfortable as possible. Pet-friendly apartment communities should not only allow pets but make sure it is a pleasant place for them too. We can help you find a pet-friendly community perfect for you and your cat or dog. 

Guideline Check
One of the first things to check for in a pet-friendly community is their guidelines. Not all complexes have the same rules and landlords have different expectations. Some have weight and breed restrictions, while others have fees or deposits to cover any costs if accidents occur. A landlord also might want to have an introduction with your pet to see how they behave.

Amenities to Look For                        
There are certain amenities that dog-friendly apartments have to improve the lives of dogs and their owners alike. A large green space or patch of grass nearby is essential. A dog park is ideal, but a nice area to walk is great, too. Most apartments that allow dogs will have ample green space and have pet cleanup stations for convenience. For cats, try to consider a place that they can jump on or lay on while you are not home. It also may be important to know whether they like carpet or hardwood so you can take the necessary steps to protect your floor. 

Good Neighbor Relationships
Making sure your pet is on its best behavior will most likely lead to you having a good relationship with your neighbors. One way to do this is to introduce your pet to them. The more they know your pet, the less likely they are to complain if a situation arises. Another way is to keep the noise level down as much as possible. Easy ways to reduce noise is to buy toys without loud squeakers and keep calm past 10 p.m. Try to walk dogs, frequently, throughout the day, too. Since outside grassy areas are always communal, always remember to pick up after your pet. 

The Ultimate Do’s and Don’ts
Do train your pet well- the key to a pet’s good behavior is good training. Most pets, especially cats and dogs, should have some basic training and behave moderately well in social situations.  
Don’t sneak in pets- This is the biggest no-no of them all. Although, it might be a tempting thought, sneaking in your lovable companion could cost you your apartment. It is better to be upfront about and look for communities that welcome them.

Do look for apartments that want pets. While some apartment properties are pet-friendly, others are just pet-tolerant. Look for a place where you and your pet can live happily and comfortably.