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Washer & Dryer In Unit or Washer & Dryer Hookup: Which is Best?

Close up of dial on a washing machine.At over 100 million, the number of people renting in the US is around 1/3 of the population. With so many renters out there, it’s no surprise that they bring different needs to their apartment searches. Of course, some things prove more universal than others.
For example, everyone wants to ensure the apartment they choose will offer enough space. Another highly sought after feature are washer and dryers within apartments. Some communities offer in-home laundry, while others offer in-home hookups. Not sure which is best? Keep reading for our overview.


One key factor to keep in mind when deciding between an in-home washer & dryer vs. bringing your own is the installation. In fact, installation is one of the major drawbacks of bringing your own washer & dryer. Transporting the machines from your old home or coordinating delivery if purchasing new machines is a pretty big undertaking. 
While getting a washer & dryer into a first-floor apartment may be a manageable task, it becomes substantially more difficult if you live on the second or third floor. Dragging a washer and dryer up several flights of stairs is no picnic, even if everything goes wells. Unfortunately, moving a washer and dryer up the stairs also leaves you more susceptible to injury and the machines open to damage.
With in-home laundry, the installation of your washer and dryer has already been completed by the management company or landlord. By the time you move in, the washer and dryer are already installed and ready to go.


A lot of things can go wrong with a washer or dryer. Heating elements can start to go bad, or a part may need to be replaced in your washing machine. 
If you bring your own machines, all repairs are your responsibility. If you happen to be very DIY proficient, this may not be an issue. However, if the problem is something that cannot easily be fixed, you’ll need to find an appliance repair technician to come fix the machine, which may end up being costly. If the machines must be replaced, you’ll be responsible for that as well.
However, if your apartment comes equipped with a washer & dryer, the landlord or management company will most likely be responsible for fixing the problem. This can ease some of the stress if something does go wrong with your washer or dryer.

Model Selection

If you’re moving into an apartment with a washer/dryer hookup, you’ll have the flexibility of choosing your own machines. You can choose a machine that meets your needs and easily upgrade to washer or dryer that has all the latest bells and whistles. You an also select your own models based on water or energy consumption, potentially lowering your utility bills. 
Units found in apartments or rentals that come with washers and dryers may not be the most technologically advanced, however, they typically meet the needs of most people and provide a degree of energy and water savings. Although some rentals may have older units that should be upgraded, most property managers and landlords ensure their equipment works well and is up to current standards before issuing it to a new resident. Be sure to ask about features of the laundry in an apartment before making a decision.


Those new to renting often lack experience with buying appliances. First-time renters are often overwhelmed with the decisions involved with selecting an apartment and moving in. Renting an apartment that comes with a washer and dryer simplifies your moving process, giving you more opportunity to focus on selecting the perfect new home and getting settled in quickly.

Which is Right for You? In-Unit Washer & Dryer or Hookups?

Some apartment will offer in-unit washers and dryers and others will offer hookups. Picking the right option for you takes some consideration. Weighing the cost and hassles of bringing your own equipment against the models being offered by the landlord should be done. Only you can decide whether the additional work is worth it to select a machine tailored to your needs or if the convenience of having machines supplied outweighs all else.
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